Welcome to Our (Re)fresh...

You'll notice the site and our products look different, as well as a price increase. All of these changes have been carefully thought through, and are only being taken, to ensure continued quality for our consumers.

Please take a moment to learn why—

01. We Need Help

When we began TOWN & ANCHOR it was, until now, always my husband and myself doing everything. We have thankfully come to a point where there is the need for more help. Our company is growing, thanks to you, and the increase in conscious consumers looking for healthier, effective, natural products. We need the extra help now more than ever. This will allow us to always have products ready to ship and get to you faster. And allow us to communicate and share more information about our current and future products. I have loved managing every aspect of the company, but it excites me to know that I can focus more on product formulation and marketing if more help was made available.

02. Ingredient Price Increase

Since 2014, natural ingredients have increased dramatically. To put it in perspective, and for the sake of being completely transparent, two years ago an ounce of Organic Blue Yarrow Oil (a powerhouse ingredient found in our Balancing Face Oil) cost on average $70. Now it's $220 and rising. Whether you're good at math or not, you know that's a massive increase. Our organic and natural formulations never sacrifice quality and we will never source an ingredient based on the "best" price. We source based on two things: effectiveness and sustainability.  This is how we guarantee our final products will not only work, but will be something we are proud to stand behind.

03. New (Zero Waste) Packaging

If you haven't noticed already, our packaging has changed. Since the beginning I have been a massive advocate of not using boxes for our products. I figured, why have something someone is going to throw away anyway? But after four years of dealing with the random broken bottle during transit, I have finally found the need. After months of research, we were able to find not only the most gorgeous protection for our face oils, but also the most eco-friendly:

Biodegradable paper tubes made from 100% Recycled Paper.

Yeah, you heard me! How cool is that?!  They make perfect travel containers for your face oil, jewelry, makeup brushes, and also transplant pots for flowers and herbs!  You'll notice they are labeled, as well as new labels on our Biophotonic bottles. Those are made from Terraskin paper! A unique and incredible sustainable option for labeling! Terraskin uses zero water or trees during production and is made from rocks! 100% biodegradable and easy to remove from your products allowing you to reuse them anyway you'd like!

04. Wholesale

For the past year we have been selling direct to consumer which has allowed us to to give you prices at wholesale. In effort to offer our products globally to not only reduce our waste, but spread our mission internationally our prices have to change. Our all-natural face oils are clearing, healing, and changing the way people feel about their complexion. We are getting the attention from publications all over the world and emails from customers asking for fair shipping prices because of it. We want you to be able to go to your favorite local shop and pick up our products. We have heard your concerns for easier access and agree!

For four years of bringing you the best service we can at the lowest prices, we have found it's time for a price increase. I truly hope my message to you here today can offer some insight as to why, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I am here for YOU. I do what I do for YOU. You have allowed me to pursue my passion all while offering a future for my daughter. I cannot thank you enough and I hope you can take the time to see our new site, browse around, enter our Journal, and learn more as to how we've found our (conscious) identity.

Parisa Morris