What Conscious Beauty Means To Us

TOWN & ANCHOR, Vegan Skincare & Conscious Beauty


With every decision we make as a company in the beauty industry, we want to ensure that we are always considering the ever-evolving whole [the world at large] that is effected by those very decisions.

For us, beauty doesn’t end with skin. For us, it’s not only about the quality of the products we are creating, but about the footprint we are leaving on planet earth.

Albert Einstein said that “a human being is a part of a whole called by us universe” and further that we must “[widen our consciousness & compassion] to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature of its beauty.”

As a company, consciousness — a state of being awake & aware of one’s surroundings— is the foundation of every single brand component, from the biodegradable packaging to the responsibly sourced, cruelty-free, 100% natural ingredients.

It is our hope that as we grow & expand into more awareness, more consciousness, and more compassion for our beautiful planet, that our products would educate & encourage others to do the same.

Ultimately, Conscious Beauty is more than the idea of beauty.


There is nothing wrong with the love of Beauty.
But Beauty, unless she is wed to something more meaningful, is always superficial.

— Donna Tartt