Conscious Beauty: Our Efforts

Parisa Morris, Co-Founder of Town & Anchor

01. Biophotonic Glass

In our indie-beauty industry, many like to call this the "magic" glass. But what makes it so special? The word "biophotonic" comes from the Greek word "bio," meaning life, and "phos" meaning light— the effects of light and energy, on living things. This "magic" glass naturally filters the spectrum of visible sunlight, only allowing violet, UVA, and UBA rays to pass through. These "good" rays energize its contents for the benefit of our health, by preserving the organic ingredients and maintaining freshness (killing bacteria).

Miron glass relies on the theory of Biophotonics. Biophotons are thought to be essential to "intercellular communication and the promotion and balance of energy." It's slightly complicated, but so beautiful. Simply put, this is the glass you want your 100% natural and organic ingredients to live in. If you’re passionate about non-toxic, preservative-free skincare, you should source it in violet glass.

*We're proud to share our Biophotonic Glass bottles are 100% recyclable, but more than anything, we encourage you to re-use them! We've designed new labels for our face oils that are easy to peel off when you're finished— allowing you to do whatever you'd like with your bottle. In the near future, we’ll be initiating a program at our markets where you bring in your empty bottles and fill them back up at a discounted rate!


02. Multi-Purpose SKINCARE

Our all natural, organic face oils are designed to help all types of skin— whether you’re dry or oily, acne-prone or aging, we have what you’re looking for. But what makes our oils even more special, is that you can also use them as make up remover, primer, moisturizer, eye serum, shave oil, or even as a cleansing oil. The options are limitless and ultimately allow you to use less skincare.

You save money, reduce your carbon footprint, traveling becomes easier, your routine becomes simplified, and you find more time for other things you love and enjoy. To us, that’s what skincare should be all about. Effective & minimal.  


03. Responsibly-Sourced, Global Ingredients

Our main objective with Town & Anchor is to create sustainable, effective skincare that allows both the planet and its people to flourish.

For us, sourcing ingredients isn't solely based on the quality (although that is extremely important.) It's about always considering the long-term impact of the ingredients on the environment. This is why we never stock conventionally grown ingredients. All of the ingredients we use are ethically harvested in the wild with fair-trade practices, limiting us from commercial farming dependencies.

Everything is energy. When we create something new with conscious and ethically made materials, we create positive energy. This is so important. 


04. Non-Toxic Ingredients

Our products are 100% natural and we only use organic, cold-pressed oils. We never use synthetic fragrance or artificial color. The gorgeous yellowy-orange hue you see in our Restoring Face Oil comes from our Organic Rosehip + Meadowfoam Oils. By using natural, non-toxic skincare products you’re creating a safe place for your regimen.

Did you know that “12.2 million adults are exposed to ingredients that are known or probable human carcinogens every day through their personal care products.”? The beauty industry in the US, even to this day, is sadly not properly regulated. More than 1,110 personal-product ingredients have been banned for use in cosmetics in the European Union because of concerns that they may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive ills. By contrast, only 10 are banned here in the U.S.

Your skin is the largest organ, so it only makes sense to use products consciously. Read ingredients. Understand what they are. Ask questions. This is your body and you deserve to care for it. We need to be our own researchers (unfortunately) and decide what should be banned for ourselves.

We are proud to offer you that security when you shop with us. Always natural, no preservatives, non-GMO, gluten-free, and of course vegan and cruelty-free. Natural is the new black.


05. “for human beings”

Skin has no gender, so why should our beauty products? Conscious beauty is genderless. This is why we’ve refreshed our brand script to include every individual — “conscious beauty for human beings.”

The beauty industry is vastly segregated, so we’re striving to close the gap. Our focus is no longer on targeting one specific gender for our products, but instead, how we can offer a skincare plan tailored to each individual, based on their needs and the best ingredients or treatments for a particular issue.

Grasping this ideology allows our company and our buyers to focus solely on the ingredients and their purpose.