our history

Co-founder and Maker of TOWN & ANCHOR, Parisa Morris, established her roots in the all natural world at a very young age.

Always surrounded by flowers and plants in her parent’s Chicago suburban flower shop her interest continued to grow in the green beauty and fashion industry. At 18, she learned about the reality behind the meat and beauty industry and decided to stop consuming meat and to begin a cruelty-free lifestyle.

After graduating from cosmetology school in Los Angeles, Parisa made it her mission to create a change in the beauty industry. Fast forward to 2014, she and her husband, Jeremy Morris, launched T&A in efforts to offer conscious, affordable, luxury skincare, without sacrificing sustainability or animal rights.

Parisa and Jeremy believe skincare should be simple, uncomplicated, effective, and never harmful.

They continue to raise awareness of their minimal approach to skincare by offering multi-use organic, cold-pressed, and botanical face oils that are gaining attention all over the world.

Town & Anchor's products are all proprietary and handcrafted in micro-batches. 

our values

We are firm believers in Conscious Beauty

Here at Town & Anchor, Conscious Beauty is something that we’ve been mulling over obsessively throughout the years—in relation to who we are as Humans on Earth, as a collective consciousness—but also, in the kindred spirit of what we do as a company, which we consider to be compassionate and conscious beauty.

Albert Einstein said that “a human being is a part of a whole called by us universe” and further that we must “[widen our consciousness + compassion] to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature of its beauty.” This ideology has shaped our company, and changed the way we consider the mark we press upon the beauty industry— the ever-revolving whole that is affected, by and large, with every decision we make.

These considerations are what drive our endeavor, as we continue to revitalize certain aspects of our company to encompass what our head and hearts heavily sing, which is that “true beauty is a conscious mind.”

We are immensely excited to grow and expand our vision, and ask that everyone be a part of this whole that is ever-expanding right in front of our plural humanness. 

How do you join our (conscious) movement? Awareness. Pursuit. Dedication.



Parisa & Jeremy Morris

Founders, Makers




100% Natural /
Cold-Pressed Oils



PETA Certified
vegan + Cruelty-Free

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Zero-Waste /



Handcrafted /
micro batch



"There is nothing wrong with the love of Beauty.

But Beauty— unless she is wed to something more meaningful— is always superficial."

— Donna Tartt